French Kiss (film)

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French Kiss is a 1995 American romantic comedy film set primarily in France, starring Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline.



Kate (Meg Ryan) is a fastidious, intelligent, and innocent young woman who thinks she knows exactly what her future will be, planning it according to logic. She plans to marry a Toronto doctor named Charlie (Timothy Hutton) and live a "happily ever after" with him as soon as he comes back from a business trip to Paris something that Charlie initially asked Kate to accompany him on, but she declined due to her fear of flying. Her plans get ruined, when her fiancé becomes smitten with a beautiful, young French woman named Juliette (Susan Anbeh) and while drunk inside a club, calls Kate and informs her that he's in love, and not returning.

Determined to get him back, Kate overcomes her fear of flying and boards a flight for Paris. Onboard, she is seated next to a Frenchman named Luc Teyssier (Kline), a crude petty thief whom she is forced to tolerate for seven hours of the flight. They have choppy, sarcastic conversation on the flight from Canada to Paris. Luc hides a stolen diamond necklace and a small grapevine in her purse to get them past customs, causing him to track Kate and follow her.

Many mishaps occur between Kate and Luc. When she waits at the hotel Charlie is staying at, a bellhop makes flirtatious advances, and when Kate faints after watching Charlie and Juliette together, he steals her bag. Luc comes and wakes up Kate, and hunts down her bag for the necklace, but to no avail. Kate and Luc argue, and they both go their separate ways for a time, but find each other again. Under the pretense for helping Kate win back Charlie, he stays close with her to be near the necklace, the whereabouts of which are not revealed. Meanwhile, until they return to where Charlie is, they stay at Luc's family's house, a vineyard. It turns out that Luc and his brother are bitter towards each other because Luc's brother got him drunk, tricked him, and took Luc's birthright to an area of the vineyard in one hand of poker.

The two return to the city of Paris, with Luc pretending to be Kate's lover in an attempt to make Charlie jealous. While attending a dance, Charlie apologizes to Kate and attempts to seduce her; her facial expression hints that she is confused and indecisive as to whether or not she loves Charlie, but goes up to the hotel room with him. Meanwhile, Juliette flirts with Luc, and the two go up into a hotel room together also. Kate stops Charlie, demands to know up-front whether he loves her, and when he hesitates and gives a vague inclination, she realizes that she never loved Charlie. Luc, on the other hand, calls Juliette "Kate", causes her to become annoyed and leave. In the morning, the two are seemingly awkward with each other, asking each other how their night was.

Kate and Luc say goodbye to each other while Kate tells him she is leaving for the airport.

After realizing his true feelings, Luc runs to Kate and confesses that he's in love with her. The film ends with a shot of Luc and Kate standing in a growing vineyard, their arms wrapped around each other.

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