French euro coins

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French euro coins feature three separate designs for the three series of coins. The minor series was designed by Fabienne Courtiade, the middle one by Laurent Jorio and the major two coins are by Joaquin Jimenez. All designs share the 12 stars of the EU and the year of imprint as well as the letters "RF" for République Française (French Republic).


French euro design

For images of the common side and a detailed description of the coins, see euro coins.

Circulating Mintage quantities

The following table shows the mintage quantity for all French euro coins, per denomination, per year (the numbers are represented in millions).[1]

** Data not available yet
*** Small quantities minted for sets only

Future changes to national sides

The Commission of the European Communities issued a recommendation on 19 December 2008, a common guideline for the national sides and the issuance of euro coins intended for circulation. One section of this recommendation stipulates that:

Since French euro coins have part of the national design outside of the 12 stars of the union, a new design on the French euro coins is expected in the near future to comply with these new guidelines, although nothing has officially been announced yet.[2]

€2 commemorative coins

50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome

French Presidency of the Council of the European Union

Ten years of Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) and the birth of the euro

70th anniversary of De Gaulle's Call of 18 June


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