Fridays (TV series)

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Fridays was the name of ABC's weekly late-night live comedy show, which aired on Friday nights from April 11, 1980 to April 23, 1982 with repeats airing until October 22, 1982. The show was originally 70 minutes in its first season, but was expanded to 90 minutes in season two.

The program was ABC's attempt to duplicate the success of NBC's Saturday Night Live (especially since SNL was facing a decline in quality in the early 1980s following the departure of show creator Lorne Michaels and the remnants of his original cast). Like SNL, each week Fridays featured music acts and, in the second season, celebrity guest hosts, as well as fake newscasts and spoofs of television shows and commercials.


Fridays writers

The people who wrote for Fridays are:

Friday Edition

In an attempt to make the show a direct competition to Saturday Night Live, they put together Friday Edition, as their version of SNL's Weekend Update. It starred Melanie Chartoff as the news anchor and the rest of the cast doing different news segments, like Update, to get SNL viewers to watch Fridays as an alternative.

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