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The Garonne (French: Garonne, IPA: [ɡaʁɔn]; in Occitan, Catalan and Spanish: Garona; Latin: Garumna[1]) is a river in southwest France and northern Spain, with a length of 575 km (357 miles).


Origin of the name

The name "Garonne" derives from an ancient form Garumna containing the Aquitanian (language related to old Basque) root kharr-, meaning "rock",[2] akin to modern Basque harri, "stone", and a pre-Indo-European suffix -unn-, -onna which means "source, river", and which can be found in the name of many rivers in Western Europe (such as the Seine, the Saône, etc.).


The river rises on the slopes of Pic Aneto (near 42°38′59″N 0°40′06″E / 42.6498°N 0.6683°E / 42.6498; 0.6683 according to the season) and flows by way of a sink hole known as the Trou de Toro or the Forau dels Aigualluts (42°40′00″N 0°40′01″E / 42.6666°N 0.6669°E / 42.6666; 0.6669) through the limestone of the Tuca Blanco de Pomèro and a resurgence in the Val dera Artiga above the Aran Valley in the Spanish Pyrenees.[3] This underground route was suggested by the geologist Ramond de Carbonnières in 1787, but there was no confirmation until 1931, when caver Norbert Casteret poured fluorescein dye into the flow and noted its emergence a few hours later 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) away at Uelhs deth Joeu ("source of the Joeu" 42°40′51″N 0°42′28″E / 42.68092°N 0.7077°E / 42.68092; 0.7077) in the Artiga de Lin on the other side of the mountain.[4][5] Until this discovery the source was considered to be in the meadows of the Plan de Beret above Baqueira, a longer but lower tributary to the east.

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