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Gavoi is a comune in central Sardinia (Italy), part of the province of Nuoro, in the natural region of Barbagia. It overlooks the Lake of Gusana.



Gavoi was a very ancient Hebrew colony (allegedly from the 4th century AD) and in the 17th century was repopulated by Tuscan carbon-makers.

Main sights

The Roman church of San Gavino is Gavoi's foremost sacred spot, through there are eight other ancient churches in the village. The village's center contains rock houses with balconies, and a village fountain is known as "Antana 'e Cartzonna".

Near the lake are the archaeological areas of Orrui and San Michele di Fonni. A Roman bridge is submerged beneath the lake.


Agriculture production include potatoes and cheese (the town is famous for its pecorino).

Traditions and culture

The "tumbarinu" is a traditional drum made of dog or donkey skin. The tumbarinu is often accompanied with the pipiolu, the traditional sheppard's fife. The "ballu tundu", is a traditional dance in the round, as in the Balkan area. Poetry is esteemed, including extemporaneous rhyme competitions on given topics.

The nearby Sanctuary of Madonna d'Itria hosts a palio, in this case a peculiar horse competition very similar to that of Siena.

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