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Gedeon Burkhard (born July 3, 1969) is a German film and television actor. Although he has appeared in numerous films and TV series in both Europe and the US, he is probably best recognised for his role as Alexander Brandtner in the Austrian/German television series Kommissar Rex (1998-2001), which has been aired on television in numerous countries around the world.


Life and career

Gedeon Burkhard was born in Munich, Germany, the son of German actress Elisabeth von Molo and a great-grandson of Alexander Moissi, a famous Austro-Albanian actor of the 20th century.[1] Gedeon was educated at a boarding school in England. He began his acting career in 1979 in the German TV film Tante Maria. His father, Wolfgang Burkhard, is his manager.[citation needed]

During the 1990s, he lived in the U.S., working in several productions but without much recognition. In this period, Gedeon Burkhard got married in Las Vegas only to divorce 4 months later. After that, he lived in Vienna for Kommisar Rex for more than 5 years, before moving to Berlin for work reasons.

Gedeon Burkhard was working in Cologne on the TV series Alarm für Cobra 11 as the detective Chris Ritter, until the end of his contract in November 2007. His character Chris Ritter had a heroic death. He then returned to Berlin, to be close to his daughter and to work in new projects. He said: "For the moment I will dedicate myself again fully to my artistic vagabond life in Berlin".[2] Burkhard appeared in the Quentin Tarantino movie Inglourious Basterds. Since February 2009, he has been shooting the film "Massel", made for German television. Now he is working in Rome, for the Italian TV channel RAIdue, in the series of 6 chapters "La Narcotici", in which he plays a drug investigator.

Gedeon Burkhard has a daughter named Gioia and he is in a relationship with the young German Anika Bormann.


  • Tante Maria (1981) (TV)
  • Und ab geht die Post (1981) (TV)
  • Blut und Ehre: Jugend unter Hitler (aka Blood and Honor: Youth Under Hitler (USA)) (1982) (TV)
  • "Nordlichter: Geschichten zwischen Watt und Wellen" (1983) TV Series
  • Passagier - Welcome to Germany, Der (aka The Passenger - Welcome to Germany, aka Welcome to Germany (USA)) (1988)
  • "Fahnder, Der" : Hendriks Alleingang (1988) TV Episode
  • "Forsthaus Falkenau" : Frühlingsföhn (1989) TV Episode (as Gedeon Burkhart) & Ein neuer Anfang (1989) TV Episode (as Gedeon Burkhart)
  • Zwei Frauen (aka Silence Like Glass (USA)) (1989)
  • Šípková Ruženka (aka Sleeping Beauty (Europe: English title)) (1989) .
  • "Sekt oder Selters" (1990) TV Series
  • "The New Adventures of Black Beauty" (1990) TV Series
  • "Náhrdelník" (aka The Necklace (Europe: English title)) (1992) TV Series
  • Kleine Haie (aka Acting It Out, aka Little Sharks) (1992)
  • Sommerliebe (1993) (TV)
  • Mein Mann ist mein Hobby (1993) (TV)
  • Abgeschminkt! (aka Making Up! (USA)) (1993)
  • "Piovra 7, La" (1994) (mini) TV Series
  • Affären (1994)
  • "Verliebt, verlobt, verheiratet" (1994) TV Series
  • "König, Der" : Tod eines Schmetterlings (1994) TV Episode
  • "Fall für zwei, Ein" : Kleiner Bruder (1995) TV Episode
  • Magenta (1996)
  • Wem gehört Tobias? (aka In the Wrong Hands (USA)) (1996)
  • "SOKO 5113" : Polterabend (1996) TV Episode
  • Polizeiruf 110 - Die Gazelle (1996) (TV)
  • 2 Männer, 2 Frauen - 4 Probleme!? (aka Four for Venice, aka Two Women, Two Men (USA)) (1998)
  • The Brylcreem Boys (1998)
  • Gefährliche Lust - Ein Mann in Versuchung (1998) (TV)
  • "Kommissar Rex" (aka Inspector Rex (Australia), aka Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (UK)) (1998-2000)
  • Superfire (2002) (TV)
  • Zwei Affären und eine Hochzeit (2002) (TV)
  • We'll Meet Again (2002) (TV)
  • Yu (2003)
  • Bisschen Haushalt, Das (2003) (TV)
  • "Wunschbaum, Der" (2004) (mini) TV Series
  • Vater meines Sohnes, Der (2004) (TV)
  • Utta Danella - Eine Liebe in Venedig (2005) (TV)
  • Der Todestunnel (2004) (TV)
  • "SOKO Leipzig" : Die Moorleiche (2005) TV Episode
  • Goldene Zeiten (2006)Misha Hahn.
  • Letzte Zug, Der (2006) (premiere 9.11.2006) Henry Neumann.
  • Alarm für Cobra 11 (2006/2007) (TV) Chris Ritter.
  • Märzmelodie(2007)(movie)is Florian(lead)
  • Inglourious Basterds (2009) (USA movie) is Cpl. Wilhelm Wicki.
  • So ein Schlamassel(2009) German TV Film as Patrick Silberschatz.
  • La Narcotici (2009) Italian TV Series Chief Daniele Piazza (lead).
  • Bridges (2010) german animated short film-noir Captain Saul Bridges (lead).
  • Inga Lindström - Millionäre küsst man nicht (2010) German TV Film Tomas Lindberg (lead).
  • Ohne Gnade (2010) German movie. Ronzo (supporting role).
  • Wunderkinder (2010) German movie. Boris Brodsky (lead).

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