Geography of Burkina Faso

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Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta) is a landlocked Sahel country that shares borders with six nations. It lies between the Sahara Desert and the Gulf of Guinea, south of the loop of the Niger River. The land is green in the south, with forests and fruit trees, and desert in the north. Most of central Burkina Faso lies on a savanna plateau, 198–305 metres (650–1,001 ft) above sea level, with fields, brush, and scattered trees. Burkina Faso's game preserves—the most important of which are Arly, Nazinga, and W National Park--contain lions, elephants, hippopotamus, monkeys, warthogs, and antelopes. Previously the endangered Painted Hunting Dog, Lycaon pictus occurred in Burkina Faso, but, although last sightings were made in Arli National Park,[1] the species is considered extirpated in Burkina Faso. Tourism is not well developed.



Tropical; warm, dry winters; hot, wet summers. Annual rainfall varies from about 1,000 mm (39.4 in) in the south to less than 250 mm (9.8 in) in the extreme north and northeast, where hot desert winds accentuate the dryness of the region. Burkina Faso has three distinct seasons: warm and dry (November–March), hot and dry (March–May), and hot and wet (June–October). Rivers are not navigable.

General Facts

Location: Western Africa, north of Ghana

Geographic coordinates: 13°N 2°W / 13°N 2°W / 13; -2Coordinates: 13°N 2°W / 13°N 2°W / 13; -2

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