Geography of North Korea

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Coordinates: 40°00′N 127°00′E / 40°N 127°E / 40; 127

North Korea is located in east Asia on the northern half of the Korean Peninsula. North Korea shares a border with three states, including China along the Amnok River, Russia along the Duman River, and South Korea along the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). The Yellow Sea and the Korea Bay are off the west coast and the Sea of Japan (East Sea of Korea) is off the east coast.


Boundaries, coastline, and islands

40°00′N 127°00′E / 40°N 127°E / 40; 127

North Korea has an area of 120,540 km², of which 120,410 km² is land and 130 km² is water. It has 1673 km of land boundaries; of these, 1416 km are with China, 238 km are with South Korea, and 19 km are with Russia.

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