Geography of Saint Helena

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Saint Helena consists of a number of islands, in the South Atlantic Ocean, about mid-way between South America and Africa, at the geographic coordinates 15°56′S 5°42′W / 15.933°S 5.7°W / -15.933; -5.7. St Helena occupies a land area of 420 square kilometres, which includes Saint Helena (122 km²), Ascension, and the island group of Tristan da Cunha, which consists of Tristan da Cunha Island, Gough Island, Inaccessible Island, and the three Nightingale Islands. There are 60 km of coastline in St Helena. In terms of maritime claims, St Helena has an exclusive fishing zone of 200 nautical miles, and a territorial sea of twelve nautical miles.


Physical Geography


The climate of Saint Helena island can be described as tropical, marine and mild, tempered by trade winds. Similarly, the climate of Tristan da Cunha is marine, mild and also tempered by trade winds, although the climate is temperate in nature.


Saint Helena has a rugged, volcanic terrain, with small scattered plateaus and plains, with the largest area of level ground on the island being Prosperous Bay Plain in the eastern arid area. The other islands of the group have a volcanic origin. The highest point is Queen Mary's Peak, on Tristan da Cunha, at 2,060 m, while the lowest point is the Atlantic Ocean.

A natural hazard on Tristan da Cunha is active volcanism.

Geological Features

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