George Vancouver

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Captain George Vancouver RN (22 June 1757 – 10 May 1798) was an officer in the British Royal Navy, best known for his Vancouver Expedition maritime exploration of the North America's northwestern Pacific Coast regions, including the coasts of contemporary Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. He also explored the Hawaiian Islands and the southwest coast of Australia.

Vancouver Island, Canada; the cities of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Vancouver, Washington, US; and Mount Vancouver on the Yukon/Alaskan border; are named after him.


Early career

Vancouver's first naval service was as a midshipman aboard HMS Resolution, on James Cook's second voyage (1772–1775) searching for Terra Australis. He also accompanied Cook's third voyage (1776–1778), this time aboard Resolution's sister ship, HMS Discovery and the first European sighting and exploration of the Hawaiian Islands. Upon his return to Britain in 1779, Vancouver was commissioned as a lieutenant and posted aboard the sloop HMS Martin surveying coastlines.

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