Georgetown, Ascension Island

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Georgetown is the capital of Ascension Island on the west coast of the island.

The town is centred around St Mary's Church, part of the Anglican Diocese of St Helena and the former Exiles Club, which is on the site of the original Royal Marines barracks from the times of Napoleon's exile to Saint Helena in the early 19th century. As well as the church, there is a pier, an athletics track, a small supermarket, Royal Mail post office, snackbar, hotel, police station, hospital, dental surgery and a library. There is no school however and pupils travel to Two Boats village, 3 miles inland.

There is a hill overlooking the town called Cross Hill, which has a fort on it with some Victorian cannons and a pair of BL 5.5 inch Mark I naval guns, that were originally fitted to HMS Hood; the latter were used to repel a U-Boat German attack during World War II with surprisingly great success - the Germans did not approach the island again. There is another old fort on the other side of the town, which plays host to the museum.

The town is a centre of culture on Ascension. It usually hosts local athletics events as well as being the start of the annual dew pond race from sea level to the highest point on the island on Green Mountain. Ascension Day activities (to celebrate the discovery of Ascension) are either hosted here or in nearby Two Boats village. As of 2008 the population was about 450. Nearby Long Beach is an important nesting ground for the giant Green turtle.

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