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The German Navy (Deutsche Marine (About this sound listen ) is the navy of Germany and part of the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces).

The German Navy traces its roots back to the Imperial Fleet (Reichsflotte) of the revolutionary era of 1848–1852 and more directly to the Prussian Navy, which later evolved into the Northern German Federal Navy (Norddeutsche Bundesmarine, 1866–1871) and became the Imperial Navy (Kaiserliche Marine, 1872–1918). From 1919 to 1921 it was known as the Temporary Imperial Navy (Vorläufige Reichsmarine) and then became the Reichsmarine. It was known as the War Navy (Kriegsmarine) from 1935 to 1945.

From 1945 to 1956, the German Mine Sweeping Administration and its successor organisations, made up of former members of the Kriegsmarine, became something of a transition stage for the German Navy, allowing the future Bundesmarine to draw on experienced personnel upon its formation.

In 1956, with West Germany's accession to NATO, a new navy was established and was referred to as the Federal Navy (Bundesmarine). With the reunification of Germany in 1990, and the take-over of units of the former East German Volksmarine ("People's Navy"), it was decided to simply use the name Deutsche Marine ("German Navy").

In total, there are 94 commissioned ships in the German Navy, including the 4 submarines and 43 auxiliary ships; the Displacement of the navy is 220,000 tonnes. In addition to this the German Navy and the Royal Danish Navy are in cooperation in the Ark project. This agreement made the Ark project responsible for the strategic sealift of German armed forces where 3 Full time charter of Roll On Roll Off vessels are ready for deployments. In addition, the ships will also be permanently available to NATO alliance countries. The 3 vessels have a combined tonnage of 60,000 [1]tonnes.[2] With these 3 ships the total Displacement available for deployment of the navy is 280,000 tonnes.


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