German submarine U-760

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German submarine U-760 was a Type VIIC U-boat of the German Kriegsmarine during World War II.

Her keel was laid down 5 August 1940 by the Kriegsmarinewerft of Wilhelmshaven, and she was commissioned 15 October 1942 with Oberleutnant zur See Otto-Ulrich Blum in command. Blum commanded her for her entire career in the Kriegsmarine.

U-760 conducted two war patrols, but never sank or damaged a ship. On 26 February 1943 Obermaschinist Jakob Ippendorf was killed during an air attack in Wilhelmshaven. On 12 August 1943 Matrosenenobergefreiter Günter Werner was lost during an air attack in the North Atlantic.

On 8 September 1943, about 150 miles off Cape Finisterre, U-760 was sailing on the surface alongside U-262 when they were attacked by Allied aircraft. U-760 fled into Vigo harbour and was taken under the guns of the Spanish cruiser Navarra. International neutrality agreements allowed ships to spend up to 24 hours in neutral harbours to make emergency repairs, but U-760 was unable to get underway in time. She was interned at Ferrol for the remainder of World War II. The submarine engine was dismantled and used to generate electric energy for the city of Vigo's tram network. On 23 July 1945, the boat was taken to the United Kingdom for Operation Deadlight and was scuttled on 13 December 1945.

One other U-boat was interred in Spain during World War II: U-573.

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