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1st row: Martin LutherOtto von BismarckLudwig van BeethovenImmanuel KantJohann Wolfgang von Goethe
2nd row: Johannes GutenbergWolfgang Amadeus MozartJohann Sebastian BachRichard WagnerGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
3rd row: Friedrich SchillerKarl MarxJacob and Wilhelm GrimmKonrad AdenauerAlbrecht Dürer
4th row: Gottfried Wilhelm LeibnizKarl BenzKonrad ZuseMarlene DietrichMax Planck
5th row: Angela MerkelAlbert EinsteinJohannes KeplerFriedrich NietzscheRudolf Diesel

German: High German (Upper German, Central German), Low German (see German dialects)

Roman Catholic, Protestant (chiefly Lutheran)

Austrians, Swiss Germans, other Germanic peoples, Sorbs, Lietuvininks, Prussian Latvians

The German people (German: Deutsche) are people descended from several Germanic tribes that inhabited what became the German-speaking part of Europe, collectively known as Germany.

With the founding of the modern nation-state of Germany, which happened as late as 1871 and which didn't include all of German-speaking Europe, the term Germans came to also mean residents of that country. Within modern Germany, Germans in this narrow sense have been defined by citizenship (Federal Germans, Bundesdeutsche), distinguished from people of German ancestry (Deutschstämmige). Historically, in the context of the German Empire (1871–1918) and later, German citizens (Imperial Germans, Reichsdeutsche) were distinguished from ethnic Germans (Volksdeutsche).

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