Girlfriend from Hell

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Girlfriend From Hell is a 1990 comedy/horror B-movie starring actor Dana Ashbrook of Twin Peaks fame.



The film, a tongue-in-cheek satire of typical teen horror and sex comedies, chronicles a high school party where all Hell breaks loose, literally. Ashbrook plays "the chaser," a minion of God whose job it is to loosen the devil's grip on various human bodies that SHE inhabits, only to chase her down again. In this case, the devil has taken over (and consequently vamped up) the body of a nerdy, socially awkward young woman attending said party.

DVD release

Lions Gate has yet to announce any plans to release the film onto DVD.

Was originally planned to be called "Babysitter From Hell", in which Maggie would become possessed by the devil and terrorize the children she was babysitting. This was later changed to "Girlfriend From Hell" Which would allow more adult themes and have more grown up actors working full time.

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