Girringun National Park

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Dalrymple Gap
Mount Fox
Wallaman Falls

Girrungun National Park is a National Park in Queensland (Australia), approximately 50 km southwest of Ingham, 110 km north of Townsville and 1,290 km northwest of Brisbane. The park was formerly named Lumholtz National Park when it was created in 1994. The Blencoe Falls Section was gazetted as part of Lumholtz National Park in 2000. Its name was subsequently changed to Girringun in 2003.

The park is one of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area series of national parks, and is a gazetted World Heritage site.

On National Parks Day 2010 (Sunday, March 28, 2010) the Queensland State Government announced the addition of 2,810 hectares to the park. The announcement is at


This large, 1,538 square kilometre National Park consists mainly of wet sclerophyll forests, but small pockets of rainforest also exists along the eastern slopes and hilltops. The Seaview, George and Cardwell ranges dominate the landscape, which is strewn with granite debris from a volcanic eruption 100,000 years ago. Perhaps the most well known geological feature in this park is the Wallaman Falls. At 268 metres, it is the largest single-drop falls in Australia.

Access and infrastructure

Vehicle access into the forest include the Dalrymple Gap Track, or the Wallaman Falls track. However for most of the park there is only very rudimentary or absent vehicle access. Most of the park is accessible for hikers, but due to its remoteness and rugged terrain only experienced bushwalkers should undertake extensive hikes.

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