Glass House Mountains National Park

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Glass House Mountains National Park is a national park in Queensland (Australia), 70 km (43 mi) northeast of Brisbane. It consists of a flat plain punctuated by rhyolite and trachyte volcanic plugs, the cores of extinct volcanoes that formed 27 million to 26 million years ago.[1][2] The mountains would once have had pyroclastic exteriors, but these have eroded away.

The park was established in 1994. On the 23 June 2010 the Queensland Government announced the expansion of the park to include an additional 2,117 hectares.


Origin of name

The Glass House Mountains were named by Captain James Cook as he sailed north up the coast of what is now Queensland in 1770 as part of his epic voyage aboard his ship HM Bark Endeavour.[3] They were so called as the shape of the mountains reminded him of the huge glass furnaces (glasshouses) back in his native Yorkshire.[4][5]


The Glass House Mountains are:

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