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The Governor of Victoria is the representative in the Australian state of Victoria of Australia's monarch, Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia. The Governor performs the same constitutional and ceremonial functions at the state level as does the Governor-General of Australia at the national level. The Governor's office and official residence is Government House in central Melbourne.



In accordance with the conventions of the Westminster system of parliamentary government, the Governor nearly always acts solely on the advice of the head of the elected government, the Premier of Victoria. Nevertheless, the Governor retains the reserve powers of the Crown, and has the right to dismiss the Premier.[1]

Related offices

There is also a Lieutenant-Governor and an Administrator. The Chief Justice of Victoria is ex-officio the Administrator, unless he or she is the Lieutenant-Governor, in which case, the next most senior judge is the Administrator. The Lieutenant-Governor takes on the responsibilities of the Governor when that post is vacant or when the Governor is out of the State or unable to act. The Administrator takes on those duties if both the Governor and Lieutenant-Governor are not able to act for the above reasons.

See Governors of the Australian states for a description and history of the office of Governor.

Australian-born governors

The first Australian- (and Victorian-) born Governor of Victoria was Sir Henry Winneke (appointed 1974). With the exceptions of Dr Davis McCaughey (b. Ireland) and incumbent Professor David de Kretser (b. Ceylon) all subsequent governors have been Australian-born.

List of Governors of Victoria


Until Victoria obtained responsible government in 1855, the Governor-General of New South Wales appointed Lieutenant-Governors to Victoria. The Governor-General of New South Wales was reverted to Governor in 1861.[2]

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