Graian Alps

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The Graian Alps (Italian: Alpi Graie; French: Alpes Grées) are a mountain range in the western part of the Alps. They are located in France (Savoie), Italy (Piedmont and the Aosta Valley), and Switzerland (western Valais). The Col des Montets separates them from the Chablais Alps; the Col Ferret and the Dora Baltea valley separate them from the Pennine Alps; the Col du Mont Cenis separates them from the Cottian Alps; the Arc valley separates them from the Dauphiné Alps.

The Graian Alps can be divided into four groups:

  • the Mont Blanc group (north of the Little St Bernard Pass)
  • the Central group (the watershed between the Little St Bernard Pass and the Col du Mont Cenis)
  • the Western or French group,
  • and the Eastern or Italian group.

The western group contains the Vanoise National Park; the eastern group contains the Gran Paradiso national park.

The French side of the Graian Alps is drained by the river Isère (Tarentaise valley) and its tributary Arc (Maurienne valley), and by the Arve. The Italian side is drained by the rivers Dora Baltea, Orco and Stura di Lanzo, tributaries of the Po.



The main peaks of the Graian Alps are:

Mont Blanc group

Central group

Eastern group

Western group


The main passes of the Graian Alps are shown in the table below. The group in which the pass is located is indicated with "MB" for Mont Blanc group, "C" for Central group, "E" for Eastern group, and "W" for Western group.

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