Hafez al-Assad

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Hafez al-Assad (Arabic: حافظ الأسدḤāfiẓ al-Asad) (October 6, 1930 – June 10, 2000) was the president of Syria for three decades. Assad's rule stabilized and consolidated the power of the country's central government after decades of coups and counter-coups. He was succeeded by his son, the current president Bashar al-Assad in 2000.


Early life

Hafez al-Assad was born in the town of Qardaha in the Latakia province of western Syria (then a French Mandate) into a minority Alawite family. He was the first member of the Assad family to attend high school, Jules Jammal High School in Lattakia. He joined the Baath Party in 1946 at the age of 16.[citation needed]

Air Force career

Because his family had no money to send him to university, Assad commenced military study at the Homs Military Academy in 1952.[citation needed] While at the Academy, he met Mustafa Tlass. In 1955, Assad graduated and was commissioned as a lieutenant in the Syrian Air Force, making him one of the first Alawis to join the air force. Continuing with his Baathist activities, Assad became a combat and acrobatics display pilot,[citation needed] flying the Gloster Meteor jet fighter as well as other types. In 1957, Assad's abilities led to him being sent for additional training in the Soviet Union where he studied military science.[citation needed]

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