Hans Moleman

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Hans Moleman is a recurring character in the animated television series The Simpsons. He is voiced by Dan Castellaneta,[1] and first appeared in the episode "Principal Charming". He normally appears in a running gag, where he usually suffers unfortunate, always nearly fatal, events.


Role in The Simpsons


Hans Moleman is the retconned name of an earlier character named "Ralph Melish." Although apparently elderly, he claims to be only 31 years old (in 1993's "Selma's Choice", his driver's license says he was born August 2, 1961, and in "Duffless", Moleman confessed his real age at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, implying that his grotesque appearance has been caused by severe alcoholism), though Moleman has been seen at the Springfield Retirement Home on season ten's "The Old Man and the "C" Student" and in the season 13 episode Little Girl in the Big Ten,[2] He has cataracts and is almost entirely blind[3] (which has severely impaired his reading ability and has led to repeated revokings of his driver's license), and has used medical marijuana. He carries a brown cane with him everywhere, which has once been shown to contain a hidden sword. In the episode "Burns' Heir", Hans is mistaken for Bart and accidentally "de-programmed" (Homer and Marge had hired a cult de-programmer, hoping to convince Bart to move out of Mr. Burns' mansion and back in with them), apparently leading him to believe he is the son of Homer and Marge. On "The Mook, the Chef, the Wife, and Her Homer", it's revealed that Hans Moleman slept with Lars Ulrich's grandmother, and is considered by Metallica to be a "real fan".

His home address is 920 Oak Grove, Springfield. He has also been seen living at the Springfield Retirement Castle and (in a deleted scene) he is shown to live in a small house directly below the dam that was erected (and subsequently destroyed) in "Brother from Another Series".


Like many recurring characters, Hans Moleman has had a wide variety of careers over the course of the series. He runs an early morning radio show, on Springfield's jazz station KJAZZ-FM, in which he introduces himself unenthusiasticly as "This is Moleman in the Morning, Good Moleman to you". In A Star Is Burns, Moleman enters a film entitled 'Man Getting Hit By Football' into the Springfield Film Festival. The film depicts him getting hit in the crotch by a ball. One of his other jobs was driving a truck filled with sugar (which he subsequently flipped onto its side, spilling its contents, much to Homer's delight). He is often seen driving other types of trucks as well. In one episode, he flattens Homer with a car falling from his vehicle transport truck. In another episode, he is seen transporting the birthplace of Edgar Allan Poe in a truck. He could also be seen driving a truck in The Simpsons Movie, during Bart's nude skateboarding scene. He also teaches an orange-eating class at the Adult Learning Centre in Springfield. On another occasion, it is implied that he works at a bird sanctuary, as he has to order "the biggest bird seed bell you have... no, that's too big". He once worked as a postal worker. He was also a librarian for the Springfield jail. He once worked as a janitor at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and received a severe head wound from Mr. Burns when Moleman asked Burns for seventeen dollars for a push-broom rebristling; Burns, high on ether, mistook him for the Lucky Charms leprechaun and went to his skull with a power drill. He has also been seen representing a Solar Power company in The Last Temptation of Homer. In Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder, in a reference to the 1956 film The Mole People, Homer stumbles across Hans Moleman, dressed in the Elinor's, the High Priest of the Sumerians, robes in an underground fortress complete with earthquake machines. He also has been spotted in "The Blunder Years" in a kissing booth with Agnes Skinner and Seymour. He was temporarily an Olympic gold medalist due, in part, to a set of replacement mechanical legs (which he wore in the episode "Moe 'n' a Lisa" but was never seen in again.)

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