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The Hawker Siddeley Nimrod is a military aircraft developed and built in the United Kingdom. It is an extensive modification of the de Havilland Comet, the world's first jet airliner. It was originally designed by de Havilland's successor, Hawker Siddeley, now part of BAE Systems.

It was designed as a Royal Air Force maritime patrol aircraft, the Nimrod MR1/MR2, with the major role being anti-submarine warfare (ASW), although it also had secondary roles in maritime surveillance and anti-surface warfare. It served in this role from the early 1970s until March 2010.[2] The current Nimrod series was due to be replaced by the now cancelled Nimrod MRA4.[3]

The RAF also uses the Nimrod R1 variant in an electronic intelligence gathering (ELINT) role.




The development of the Nimrod patrol aircraft began in 1964 as a project to replace the Avro Shackleton. The Nimrod design was based on that of the Comet 4 civil airliner which had reached the end of its market life (the first two RAF aircraft were unfinished Comets). The Comet's turbojet engines were then replaced with Rolls-Royce Spey turbofans for better fuel efficiency, particularly at the low altitudes required for maritime patrol. Major fuselage changes were made, including an internal weapons bay, an extended nose for radar, a new tail with electronic warfare (ESM) sensors mounted in a bulky fairing, and a MAD (Magnetic anomaly detector) boom. After the first flight in May 1967, the RAF ordered 46 Nimrod MR1s. The first example (XV230) entered service in October 1969.[4] Five squadrons were eventually equipped with the MR1.

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