Hearst Corporation

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Hearst Corporation is a privately-held American-based media conglomerate based in the Hearst Tower in New York City, USA. Founded by William Randolph Hearst as an owner of newspapers, the company's holdings now include a wide variety of media. The Hearst family is involved in the ownership and management of the company.

Hearst is one of the largest diversified communications companies in the world. Its major interests include 15 daily and 38 weekly newspapers, including the Houston Chronicle and Albany Times Union; nearly 200 magazines around the world, including Cosmopolitan and O, The Oprah Magazine; 29 television stations through Hearst Television Inc. which reach a combined 18% of U.S. viewers; ownership in leading cable networks, including A&E Television Networks, and ESPN; as well as business publishing, Internet businesses, television production, newspaper features distribution and real estate.


Trustees of William Randolph Hearst's will

Under William Randolph Hearst's will, a common board of 13 trustees (its composition fixed at five family members and eight outsiders) administers the Hearst Foundation, the William Randolph Hearst Foundation, and the trust that owns (and selects the 18-member board of) the Hearst Corporation. The foundations shared ownership until tax law changed to prevent this. As of 2009, the trustees are:

  • Frank A. Bennack Jr., vice chairman and chief executive of the corporation
  • Anissa Bouadjakdji Balson, granddaughter of David Whitmire Hearst Sr.
  • John G. Conomikes, vice president of corporation, oversees broadcast interests
  • Ronald J. Doerfler, chief financial officer, senior vice president and a board member of Hearst Corporation
  • George Randolph Hearst Jr., chairman of Hearst Corporation and president of the Hearst Foundation
  • John Randolph Hearst Jr., an officer and director of the corporation
  • Virginia Hearst Randt, daughter of late former chairman Randolph Apperson Hearst
  • William Randolph Hearst III, president of the William Randolph Hearst Foundation
  • Harvey L. Lipton, lawyer and former vice president and secretary of the Corporation
  • Gilbert C. Maurer, former head of Hearst Magazines, then executive vice president and chief operating officer under Bennack, now a consultant
  • Mark F. Miller, former executive vice president of Hearst Magazines
  • David J. Barrett, president and chief executive officer of Hearst Television, Inc.
  • James M. Asher, chief legal and development officer of Hearst

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