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Hellraiser is a 1987 horror film exploring themes of sadomasochism and morality under duress and fear. The story is based upon the novella The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker, who also wrote the screenplay and directed the film. In the UK, the film is titled Clive Barker's Hellraiser. It is the first film in the Hellraiser series. Seven sequels followed with the eighth, Hellraiser: Revelations, now in the works. A remake of the original Hellraiser film has also been announced and will be presented in 3D.[1] Hellraiser was number 19 on the cable channel Bravo's list of the 100 Scariest Movie Moments.[2]



Somewhere in Morocco, an impulsive and violent man named Frank Cotton (Sean Chapman) buys an antique puzzle box from a dealer. Back at his house Frank solves the puzzle box and hooked chains immediately fly out of it, tearing into his flesh. Demons called "Cenobites" then appear from another world to inspect Frank's remains. Their leader, "Pinhead" (Doug Bradley), picks up the box and twists it back into its original state, and the room immediately returns to normal - but with Frank nowhere to be found.

Frank's brother Larry (Andrew Robinson) soon moves into Frank's abandoned house with his second wife, Julia (Clare Higgins), who previously had an affair with Frank. They assume that Frank is off on one of his nefarious adventures. Julia is seen exploring the house, finding pornographic pictures of Frank with many different women, and reliving the day she was seduced by Frank. Larry's teenage daughter, Kirsty Cotton (Ashley Laurence), chooses not to live with her stepmother and moves into her own place. After cutting his hand on a nail (while moving a mattress), Larry goes upstairs to the room where Frank was killed and his blood falls on the floor. It mysteriously disappears through the floorboards, and Frank's soul uses this blood as nourishment to partially regenerate his body. Later, Frank (now portrayed by Oliver Smith) convinces Julia to help restore him to his full physical form. Julia succumbs to Frank's entreaties and agrees to help him by seducing men and luring them up to the empty attic where Frank hides. After having Julia incapacitate them, Frank drains them of their blood, which allows him to further regenerate his body. Frank tells Julia about the puzzle box (which he still possesses) and explains that by reclaiming his body he has broken his deal with the Cenobites. He wants to restore himself and then leave with Julia before the Cenobites find him.

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