Helsinki University of Technology

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Aalto University School of Science and Technology (TKK) (Finnish: Aalto-yliopiston teknillinen korkeakoulu; Swedish: Aalto-universitets tekniska högskola), formerly Helsinki University of Technology, is one of the three constituent schools of Aalto University. The school campus is located in Otaniemi, Espoo in the metropolitan area of Greater Helsinki. Founded in 1849 by Grand Duke Nicholas I, TKK received university status in 1908 and was incorporated into the Aalto University along with the Aalto University School of Economics and Aalto University School of Art and Design in 2010. In 1966, the then Helsinki University of Technology moved from downtown Helsinki to its current Otaniemi campus, designed by the renowned architect Alvar Aalto. The school has 246 professors and approximately 15,000 students in four faculties, studying in 19 degree programmes leading to master's degrees.



In 1849, TKK was established in Helsinki by the decree of the Russian Emperor Nicholas I, Grand Duke of Finland as a "manufacture and handicraft school", with the name Helsingin teknillinen reaalikoulu, along with two other similar schools, situated in Vaasa and Turku. In 1872, the school's name was changed to Polyteknillinen koulu ("Polytechnical School") and in 1878, to Polyteknillinen opisto ("Polytechnical Institute"), while the two other manufacture and handiwork schools were demoted to institutions of lower level. As the proportion of matriculation diploma holders in the student intake gradually increased, the school gained more social respectability. In 1908, TKK was given university status along with its present name, thus becoming the second university to be founded in Finland. In 1955, building of the new campus area started with the housing village. In 1966, TKK moved from Helsinki to the new campus in Otaniemi, Espoo.

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