Henry II of Navarre

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Henry II (18 April 1503 – 25 May 1555) was the eldest son of John III of Navarre (died 1516) and Catherine I of Navarre, sister and heiress of Francis Phoebus, King of Navarre; he was born at Sangüesa.


King of Navarre

When Catherine died in exile in 1517, Henry was proclaimed king of Navarre. The title was also claimed by Ferdinand II of Aragon, who had invaded the realm in 1512. Under the protection of King François I of France, he assumed the title of King of Navarre and was lavishly crowned in Lescar, despite Ferdinand's claim being continued by his grandson Charles I.

After ineffectual conferences at Noyon in 1516 and at Montpellier in 1518, an active effort was made in 1521 to establish him in de facto sovereignty. The French and Navarrese invaded Spanish Navarre, but were ultimately expelled by Charles I forces after the Battle of Noain (June 1521).

In 1525, Henry was taken prisoner at the Battle of Pavia, but he contrived to escape under a guise and in 1526, married Marguerite, sister of King François I and widow of Charles, Duke of Alençon. By her, he was the father of Jeanne d'Albret, and was consequently the grandfather of Henry IV of France. Henry, who had some strong sympathy with the Huguenots, died at Pau on 25 May 1555.


In 1526, he married Marguerite de Valois[1] who became known as Marguerite de Navarre (11 April 1492- 21 December 1549) and had issue:


Henry's ancestors in four generations



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