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The Herald Sun is a morning tabloid newspaper based in Melbourne, Australia. It is published by The Herald and Weekly Times Ltd, a subsidiary of News Limited, itself a subsidiary of News Corporation. It is available for purchase in Melbourne, the rest of the state of Victoria (Australia) and border regions of South Australia and Southern New South Wales. The Herald Sun primarily serves Victoria and shares many articles with other News Corporation paid daily newspapers, especially those from Australia.

The Herald Sun is the highest-circulating daily newspaper in Australia, with a weekday circulation of 515,000 and readership of 1,500,000.[1]



The Herald Sun newspaper was formed in 1990 from a merger of the morning tabloid paper The Sun News-Pictorial with its afternoon broadsheet sister paper The Herald. It was first published on 8 October 1990 as the Herald-Sun. The hyphen in its title was later dropped; the last hyphenated masthead appeared on May 1, 1993. The paper had in March 2009 a circulation of 530,000 from Monday to Friday.[2]


The Herald

The Herald was founded on 3 January 1840 by George Cavanaugh as The Port Phillip Herald. In 1855, it became The Melbourne Herald for all of one week before settling on The Herald. From 1869, it was an evening newspaper. Colonel William Thomas Reay was sometime literary editor and later associate editor, before becoming managing editor in 1904.

The Sun News-Pictorial

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