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Hillerød is a city with a population of 29,951 (1 January 2010)[1] located in North Zealand in Denmark. Hillerød is the capital of "Region Hovedstaden" (The Capital Region), one of the five regions in Denmark, and also the third largest city in this part of Zealand after Copenhagen and Helsingør.


Hillerød Today

The city of Hillerød has a rich trade and cultural life. Hillerød is especially known for Frederiksborg Castle, in the center of the town. Another cultural institution is “Hillerød Viden- og Kulturpark” (Hillerød Knowledge and Culture Park); a library with surrounding culture workshops and game spots. This is the gathering spot for the cultural life of Hillerød - with exhibitions, music and theatre.

Business and education

60% of the inhabitants in Hillerød are engaged in active employment and a great part of these people have high qualifications and a high level of education. The characteristics of the business life in Hillerød are the dominants of pharmaceutical companies, knowledge, production and education. The municipality has a number of education institutions that offer short or medium termed educations, among them are the Business Academy North Sealand, Hillerød Technical School, Hillerød Business School, Hillerød Tekniske Gymnasium, Frederiksborg Gymnasium og HF, VUC and Hillerød teacher training college.


The best known monument is Frederiksborg Castle, which for a long time was the seat of the Danish kings. The castle is open to the public and houses the Frederiksborg Museum/The Museum of National History. It is also surrounded by a large baroque garden.

The Town Museum ("Bymuseet") contains a permanent exhibition regarding the history of Hillerød.

"The Boiler Room" ("Kedelhuset") has changing special exhibits. In 2005 regarding the ancient and medieval history of Northern Zealand.

The ruins of Æbelholt Abbey (Æbelholt Klosterruin) are the remains of the largest Augustinian monastery in the northern countries. The site also contains a museum showing its history. The monastery was founded in 1175/76 by the French Augustinian, William of Æbelholt, later Saint William, for the reform of the already extant Eskilsø Abbey, which was moved here. He was summoned to the task by the Danish archbishop and statesman Absalon. After the Reformation in 1536 the monastery lands were appropriated by the state and the buildings were torn down. Some of the bricks were later used in the construction of Frederiksborg Castle.

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