History of Christianity

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Jesus Christ is the central figure of Christianity.

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The history of Christianity is the study of a religious sect started by a Jewish rabbi from Nazareth named Jesus. Christianity would grow into one of the major religions, impacting all other faiths and changing the course of human history. It mainly concerns the Christian religion and Church, from the successor of Jesus, James the Just, up to contemporary times and denominations. Christianity differs most significantly from the other Abrahamic religions in the claim that Jesus Christ is God the Son. The vast majority of Christians believe in a triune God consisting of three unified and distinct persons: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Throughout its history, the religion has weathered schisms and theological disputes that have resulted in many distinct churches. The largest branches of Christianity are the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Protestant Churches.

Christianity began spreading initially from Jerusalem, and then throughout the Near East, ultimately becoming the state religion of Armenia in 301 , of Ethiopia in 325, of Georgia in 337, and then the State church of the Roman Empire in 380. Becoming common to all of Europe in the Middle Ages, it expanded throughout the world during the Age of Exploration. Christianity has thus become the world's largest religion.[1]


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