History of Zambia

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This article deals with the history of the country now called Zambia from prehistoric times to the present.


Early history

The original inhabitants of modern day Zambia, were called San), who were hunters and gatherers who lived a nomadic life, with stone age technology. Mainly they gathered fruits and nuts, but they also hunted antelope.

The bushmen were the only inhabitants of the region until the 4th century, when Bantu or Tonga people started to migrate from the north. They had far more developed technology - they were farmers and had iron and copper tools and weapons, as well as knowledge about pottery Even today Tonga people are knowledgeable and good farmers in food production and cattle farming. . They were sedentary and lived in small self sufficient villages with a few houses, growing sorghum and beans, as well as keeping cattle and goats.

Since the early farmers practised slash and burn agriculture, they had to constantly move further south when the soil was exhausted. The indigenous bushmen were either assimilated into the new culture or pushed aside into areas not suitable for agriculture.

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