Hitler Has Only Got One Ball

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"Hitler Has Only Got One Ball" refers to the many variations on a set of lyrics to the popular "Colonel Bogey March". These are four-line lyrics making fun of the Nazi leaders using blue comedy in reference to their testicles.


Origin of the song

In his autobiography Fringe Benefits, Anglo-Irish writer and publicist Donough O'Brien says that the original was written by his father, Toby O'Brien, in August 1939 as British propaganda.[1] Toby O'Brien was the publicist for the British Council at the time. This version started with the words "Göring has only got one ball", and went on to imply that Hitler had two small ones. In virtually all later versions, the positions are reversed. The statement that Himmler was "sim'lar" appears in all versions. The final line of this original and some later forms ends with the word play that Goebbels had "no balls". Both these variations argue strongly in favour of O'Brien's version being a very early version, and a Daily Mail report of the time states that it was "attributed to someone not unconnected with our old friend the British Council".

O'Brien's claims have not been substantiated, and no author has ever been identified for the more popular versions that begin "Hitler has only got one ball". There is no known attempt by anyone to claim or enforce a copyright on the lyrics. It is listed in the Roud Folk Song Index, number 10493.

Song lyrics

All versions are sung to the tune of The Colonel Bogey March:

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