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A homemaker handles household responsibilities as his or her main daily activity. While not a paid occupation in the traditional sense, as it is not usually undertaken for monetary remuneration, a homemaker may work full-time to maintain the home environment. The occupation is typically taken by one adult of a household, such as a parent of a child unless all working age individuals in the household work full-time. If the homemaker is part of the family, a female homemaker is usually termed as housewife, and a male homemaker, a househusband. The domestic consumption work[1][2] of homemakers provide goods and services directly within a household, such as cooking meals, childcare, household repairs, or the manufacture of clothes and gifts. Common tasks include cleaning, cooking, and looking after children.



In contemporary history, "househusband" is a term used to describe a male parent who is the main caregiver to the children and is the homemaker of the household. The role of housewife is that of a female homemaker who is the main caregiver to the children. Historically, gender roles in world civilization see the private parenting responsibilities going to the housewife, while the public social parenting responsibilities are carried out by the father. In recent years, these roles have become less separate and well defined in Western cultures. The homemaker foundations are cooking, textiles, pottery, storage, manufacturing, music, language, medicine, and teaching.[3]

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