Homestar Runner

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Homestar Runner is a Flash animated Internet cartoon. It mixes surreal humor with references to 1970s, '80s, and '90s pop culture, notably video games, classic television, and popular music.

The cartoons are nominally centered on the title character, Homestar Runner. However, a series titled Strong Bad Email or sbemail, in which another main character, Strong Bad, answers emails from viewers, is the most popular and prominent feature of the site. While Homestar and Strong Bad are the main characters, the site has grown to encompass dozens of other characters over the years.

The site is one of the most visited sites with collections of Flash cartoons on the Internet and is notable for its refusal to sell advertising space (the creators pay for everything through merchandise sales, which includes a line of T-shirts).[3] It grew in popularity largely through word of mouth.[4] The owners of the website have reportedly turned down two offers to make a television series.[5]


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