House of Karađorđević

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The House of Karađorđević (Serbian: Карађорђевићи, Karađorđevići; anglicized: Karageorgevich, also Karadjordjevic or simply Djordjevic) is a Serbian dynasty, descended from Karađorđe. The family had a long blood feud with the Obrenović dynasty. The dynasty lost the throne in November 1945 when the Communist party seized power in Yugoslavia. Peter II of Yugoslavia never abdicated[citation needed].



The House of Karadjordjević comes from Đorđe Petrović, a merchant, known to his followers as Karađorđe. In 1804, the Serbs revolted against the Ottoman Empire that controlled the Balkans at that time. The First Serbian Uprising was successful and Karađorđe established a government in Belgrade. In 1811 he was recognised as ruler with the right of succession vested in his family. However, in 1813 the Ottomans returned, and Karađorđe and his family fled. His son Prince Alexander, however, returned to rule Serbia in 1842 and reigned until 1858.

When Karađorđe was killed by Miloš Obrenović, a feud between the two houses of Karađorđević and the Obrenović developed which lasted until the Obrenović King Alexander I was killed in 1903 with his family and the Karadjordjević returned to the throne.

In 1903 the Serbian Parliament requested that Prince Peter - grandson of Đorđe Petrović (Karađorđe) - come to the throne of the Kingdom of Serbia, following the murder of King Aleksander Obrenović and his wife, Draga Mašin, by the Black Hand. Peter was duly crowned as King Peter I. Shortly before the end of World War I, representatives of the three peoples proclaimed a Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes under King Peter I.

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