Hugh Laurie

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James Hugh Calum Laurie, OBE (pronounced /ˈlɔːri/; born 11 June 1959), better known as Hugh Laurie, is an English actor, voice artist, comedian, writer, musician, recording artist, and director. He first reached fame as one half of the Fry and Laurie double act, along with his friend and comedy partner Stephen Fry, whom he joined in the cast of Blackadder and Jeeves and Wooster from 1987 until 1999. Since 2004, he has been starring as Dr. Gregory House, the protagonist of House, for which he has received two Golden Globe awards and several Emmy nominations. As of August 2010, he is the highest paid actor in a drama series on US television.[1]


Early life and education

Laurie was born in Oxford, England.[2] The youngest of four children, Laurie has a brother (six years older) and two sisters.[3] He had a somewhat strained relationship with his mother, Patricia (née Laidlaw).[2][4] His father, Ran Laurie, was a medical doctor who also won an Olympic gold medal in the coxless pairs (rowing) at the 1948 London Games.[2][5]

Laurie was raised in the Scottish Presbyterian church,[2][6] though he has declared: "I don't believe in God, but I have this idea that if there were a God, or destiny of some kind looking down on us, that if he saw you taking anything for granted he'd take it away."[7] He was brought up in Oxford and attended the Dragon School. He later went on to Eton and then to Selwyn College, Cambridge, where he studied for a degree in archaeology and social anthropology. While at Cambridge, he was a member of the Hermes club and the prestigious Hawks' Club.[2] He was also a member of the prestigious Footlights Club, of which he was president in 1981.

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