Independence Day

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An Independence Day is an annual celebration commemorating the anniversary of a nation's assumption of independent statehood, usually after ceasing to be a colony or part of another state, more rarely after the end of a military occupation. Most countries honor their respective independence day as a national holiday and some countries or nations' independence-date honors are contested. Not all countries have independence days, instead they celebrate another national day.

The following is a partial list of independence days of countries around the world:

As the Czech Republic after the split of Czechoslovakia

April 9

Independence from USSR in 1991.

The country's original independence (from the Kingdom of León) was recognized on October 5 of 1143. That day is a holiday in Portugal, but for a different reason. (Implantation of the Republic, or Republic Day. Event of 1910.) Note that none of these events are similar to today's declarations or recognition of independence as these are in fact the recognition of the rule of a king to the land. Portugal existed as a separate entity before 1143 and during the union with Spain between 1580 and 1640.

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