Interstate 10

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Interstate 10 marker

I-5 in Los Angeles, CA
I-15 in San Bernadino, CA
I-17 in Phoenix, AZ
I-25 in Las Cruces, NM
I-35 in San Antonio, TX
I-45 in Houston, TX
I-55 near New Orleans, LA
I-65 in Mobile, AL

Main route of the Interstate Highway System
Main • Auxiliary • Business

Interstate 10 (I-10) is the fourth longest interstate highway after I-90, I-80, and I-40. It is the southernmost east–west, coast-to-coast Interstate Highway in the United States, although I-4 and I-8 are further south. It stretches from the Pacific Ocean at State Route 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) in Santa Monica, California to Interstate 95 in Jacksonville, Florida. I-10 intersects with nine of the 10 primary north–south interstates (all except I-85) and also with the major Interstate routes I-8, I-12, I-17, I-19 and I-20, I-37, I-49, and I-59.

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