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Main route of the Interstate Highway System
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State routes in Arizona
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Interstate 17 (I-17), also known as the Black Canyon Freeway, is an intrastate Interstate Highway located entirely within the state of Arizona, United States. I-17's southern terminus lies within Phoenix, at Interstate 10, and its northern terminus is in Flagstaff, at Interstate 40. The southern part of the freeway was built along the alignment of SR 69, while the northern part was built along SR 79's alignment. I-17 is one of the more scenic Interstate Highways as it gains more than a mile in altitude between Phoenix (1,117 ft) and Flagstaff (7,000 ft). The highway features several scenic view exits along its route that overlook the many mountains and valleys found in northern Arizona.


Route description

Interstate 17 is known as the Black Canyon Freeway from the northern end of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area to its first interchange with Interstate 10 northwest of Downtown Phoenix, which is known as The Stack. At the curve southwest of downtown, between the 19th Avenue and Buckeye Road interchanges, it picks up the designation Maricopa Freeway all the way to the southern terminus at the second Interstate 10 junction. It is one of the metropolitan area's primary freeways.[1][2]

I-17 has the unusual distinction of starting at approximately milepost 194 instead of at milepost zero. This is a holdover from Arizona's old system of marking mileposts, where a branching route would continue the milepost numbering of its original host instead of starting over at zero. Interstate 17 inherited its milepost locations from SR 69, which the freeway replaced between Phoenix and Cordes Junction. SR 69's mileposting was such that it coincided with US 89's mileposting, which was 201.6 where the two routes intersected. When I-17 was constructed, the existing mileposting for SR 69 was retained.[1][2]

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