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Interstate 29 (I-29) is an Interstate Highway in the Midwestern United States. I-29 runs from Kansas City, Missouri, at a junction with Interstate 35 and Interstate 70 to the Canadian border near Pembina, North Dakota, where it connects with Manitoba Highway 75 via the short Manitoba Highway 29.[2]


Route description


Near its southern terminus, I-29 is concurrent with I-35 and U.S. Route 71. The interstate diverts from U.S. 71 just north of St. Joseph and follows a sparsely populated corridor along the Missouri River to Council Bluffs. During the design phase there was an alternative sending the route further along U.S. 71 through the bigger towns of Maryville, Missouri and Clarinda, Iowa. During the Great Flood of 1993 the Missouri River flooded this section and traffic was rerouted to U.S. 71 through Maryville and Clarinda.

Almost all of I-29 in Missouri is an area called the Platte Purchase that was not originally part of Missouri when it entered the union.


Interstate 29 begins in Iowa near Hamburg. It goes northwest to an interchange with Iowa Highway 2, then goes north until Council Bluffs. In Council Bluffs, it runs concurrent with Interstate 80. It winds its way along the western and northern edges of Council Bluffs after separating from I-80. North of Council Bluffs, I-29 runs concurrent with Interstate 680 between Exits 61 and 71. After Interstate 680 separates, I-29 continues on a northwesterly path toward Sioux City. At Sioux City, Interstate 129 spurs off of I-29 to go west toward South Sioux City, Nebraska. After continuing toward downtown Sioux City on a northerly route, I-29 turns west and enters South Dakota.

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