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Main route of the Interstate Highway System
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Interstate 30 (I-30) is an Interstate Highway in the southern United States. I-30 runs from Interstate 20 west of Fort Worth, Texas, northeast via Dallas, Texas, and Texarkana, Texas, to Interstate 40 in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The route parallels U.S. Route 67 except for the portion west of downtown Dallas (which was once part of Interstate 20).[2] I-30 intersects with only two of the 10 primary north–south interstates (I-35W, I-35E and I-45) and also with the major Interstate routes I-20, and I-40.



The existing U.S. 67 route was already in heavy use in the early 1950s, at which point it was twinned from just east of Dallas to Rockwall and also near Greenville. The DFW Turnpike linking Fort Worth to Dallas was completed by 1957, becoming the first segment of Interstate 30. The twinned U.S. 67 routes were upgraded to Interstate standards beginning in 1961, forming the R.L. Thornton Freeway. By the mid 1960s much of Interstate 30 was under construction. The majority of the route was completed by 1965, but a 40-mile (64 km) stretch through marshland between Mount Pleasant, Texas and New Boston, Texas remained unfinished. This remaining segment was finally built and opened to traffic in 1971, completing Interstate 30.[3]

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