Interstate 73

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Interstate 73 marker

Main route of the Interstate Highway System
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North Carolina highways

Interstate 73 (abbreviated I-73) is a main route of the Interstate Highway System, currently located entirely within the U.S. state of North Carolina. It is part of a longer planned corridor, defined by various Federal laws to run from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to Grayling, Michigan, but only the part south of West Virginia is currently under study. Closely related is the extension of Interstate 74 from Cincinnati, Ohio to Myrtle Beach, with several concurrencies planned.

There are currently two sections signed as I-73:

  • 26 miles (42 km) along the U.S. Route 220 freeway in North Carolina, from south of Candor to south of Ulah (co-designated Interstate 74);[1]
  • 7.5 miles (12 km) along the southwestern portion of the Greensboro Urban Loop along with U.S. Route 421 from the Loop's interchange with U.S. 220 to its interchange with Interstate 40 west of Greensboro, which opened February 21, 2008.[3] This part of the Loop originally was part of I-40, but NCDOT got permission from the FHWA to return I-40 to its original routing through Greensboro in September 2008, signing should be completed by July 2009.[2]

There are also three sections signed as future I-73, with the word FUTURE replacing INTERSTATE in the route shield:

  • 27 miles (43 km) from near Ulah north to Interstate 85 near Greensboro,[4] (including a section co-designated Interstate 74);[5][6]
  • 17 miles (28 km) section from Candor to Ellerbe, opened in January 2008 and co-designated Future I-74;[7]
  • 3.5 miles (5 km) of the Greensboro Urban Loop that opened in December 2007, co-designated Future Interstate 840.[2]

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