Interstate 8

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Interstate 8 marker

I-5 in San Diego, CA
I-15 in San Diego, CA

Main route of the Interstate Highway System
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Interstate 8 (I-8) is an Interstate Highway in the southwestern United States. It runs from the southern edge of Mission Bay at Sunset Cliffs Blvd. in San Diego, California, almost at the Pacific Ocean, to the junction with Interstate 10, just southeast of Casa Grande, Arizona.[2] In California, especially from eastern San Diego County to points east, Interstate 8 runs very close to the United States-Mexico border. At points in eastern Imperial County, the border is no more than half a mile (1 km) south of the Interstate.

I-8 at the Mountain Springs/In Ko Pah grade is routed down two separate canyons, as the freeway descends 4,000 vertical feet in 11 miles. This is one of the widest medians on the entire Interstate Highway System. In places, the median is over 1.5 miles (2.4 km) wide. I-8 also has the lowest above-ground elevation of any interstate at 52 feet (16 m) below sea level near El Centro, California. (The lowest point on the entire interstate highway system is in the Fort McHenry Tunnel while crossing under the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, Maryland on I-95. The highway bottoms out at -107 feet (−32.6 m).)


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