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Interstate 82 marker

Main route of the Interstate Highway System
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Interstate 82 (I-82) is a 143.58-mile (231.07 km) Interstate Highway that extends from I-90 in Ellensburg, Washington to I-84 near Umatilla, Oregon in the United States. In the state of Washington, it serves the cities of Ellensburg, Yakima, and the Tri Cities (via I-182), and in Oregon, it serves Umatilla and Hermiston. It is the major route westwards to Seattle and eastwards to Boise and Salt Lake City (via I-84 and I-15).[5][6][7][8] I-82's designation is a violation of the Interstate system's numbering rules, as it is located north of I-84, and is also primarily a north-south route. I-84 was originally designated I-80N, but received its current number in 1980 as part of a mandate to eliminate suffixed routes.[9][10]

I-82 passes over Selah Creek on the Fred G. Redmon Bridge. When this bridge was opened on November 2, 1971 it was the longest concrete arch bridge in North America.[11][12] The bridge spans 549 feet (167 m) long across the creek.[11][12] In 1999, a plan surfaced to extend the Interstate down south through Oregon. Three routes were proposed but all were rejected.[13][14]


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