Interstate 89

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Interstate 89 marker

Main route of the Interstate Highway System
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Interstate 89 (abbreviated I-89) is an interstate highway in the New England region of the United States travelling between Bow, New Hampshire and Highgate Springs, Vermont. As with all odd-numbered primary interstates, I-89 is signed as a north–south highway. However, the northwest-to-southeast path the road actually takes serves in two capacities: as an east–west interstate highway north of Interstate 90 in New England, and as a substantial part of the main connection between the major cities of Montreal and Boston. The largest cities directly served by I-89 are Concord, New Hampshire and Burlington, Vermont. I-89 is one of three Interstate highways whose entire route is located within the New England states.

Interstate 89 connects smaller cities and rural areas within New Hampshire and Vermont, and maintains two lanes of traffic in each direction throughout the route. Unlike its neighboring Interstates (91 and 93), it does not intersect any even-numbered Interstates along its route. It does, however, parallel (and interchange multiple times with) portions of three U.S. routes: U.S. Route 4 from Enfield to White River Junction; U.S. Route 2 from Montpelier to Colchester, and U.S. Route 7 from Burlington to the Canadian border.


Route description

New Hampshire

Interstate 89 runs for about 60.6 miles (97.5 km) in the state of New Hampshire, and is the major freeway corridor through the western part of the state. Despite being signed as a north–south freeway, its first 8 miles (13 km) actually run east–west before shifting to the northwest. The two major population centers along I-89's length in New Hampshire are Concord, at its southern terminus, and Lebanon, on the Vermont border. Mileage signs along I-89 in each direction consistently list one of the two cities. Also located along I-89 in New Hampshire are the towns of Grantham, New London and Warner.

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