Interstate 93

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Interstate 93 marker

Main route of the Interstate Highway System
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Interstate 93 (abbreviated I-93) is an Interstate Highway in the New England section of the United States. Its southern terminus is in Canton, Massachusetts, in the Boston metropolitan area, at Interstate 95;[1] its northern terminus is near St. Johnsbury, Vermont, at Interstate 91.[2] It is one of three mainline Interstate highways whose entire route is located within the New England states, the other two being I-89 and I-91. The largest cities along its route are Manchester, New Hampshire, Concord, New Hampshire and Boston, Massachusetts.

For most of its length, Interstate 93 indirectly parallels U.S. Route 3. Particularly in New Hampshire, the two highways have several interchanges with each other, as well as a concurrency through Franconia Notch State Park.


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