Interstate 97

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Interstate 97 marker

MD 3 near Millersville
MD 32 near Odenton
MD 100 near Severn

Main route of the Interstate Highway System
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Highways in Maryland
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Interstate 97 (abbreviated I-97) is an intrastate Interstate Highway located entirely within Anne Arundel County, Maryland, United States. It runs from Annapolis at the overlapped section of US 50, US 301, and the unsigned I-595 to Baltimore at the city's beltway. Originally seen as a spur route, to be designated Interstate 297, it was planned to be built along the Maryland Route 3 corridor, but the proposed route was canceled because of local opposition.[1] Completed in 1993, I-97 is currently the shortest two-digit interstate highway in the country, the only two-digit interstate highway on the U.S. mainland located entirely within one county, and the only two-digit interstate highway on the U.S. mainland that does not connect to any other two-digit interstate highways.


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