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In mathematics, if ƒ is a function from a set A to a set B, then an inverse function for ƒ is a function from B to A, with the property that a round trip (a composition) from A to B to A (or from B to A to B) returns each element of the initial set to itself. Thus, if an input x into the function ƒ produces an output y, then inputting y into the inverse function produces the output x, and vice versa.

A function ƒ that has an inverse is called invertible; the inverse function is then uniquely determined by ƒ and is denoted by ƒ−1 (read f inverse, not to be confused with exponentiation).



Let ƒ be a function whose domain is the set X, and whose codomain is the set Y. Then, if it exists, the inverse of ƒ is the function ƒ−1 with domain Y and codomain X, with the property:

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