Jack T. Chick

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Jack Thomas Chick (born April 13, 1924) is an American publisher, writer and comic book artist. He has been called the most published comic book author in the world.[1]



Chick's company, Chick Publications, claims to have sold over 750 million tracts[2] comics tracts, videos, books, and posters designed to promote Protestant evangelism from a Christian Fundamentalist point of view. Many of these are controversial, as they accuse Catholics, Freemasons, Muslims and many other groups with murder and conspiracies, while Chick maintains his views are simply politically incorrect.[3]

His views have been spread worldwide, mostly through the tracts and now online have been translated into more than 100 languages.[4] As evidenced from his writings and publications, Chick is an Independent Baptist who follows a dispensational premillennialist view of the end times. He is a follower of the King James Only movement.


Chick was born in the Boyle Heights section of Los Angeles, California, the first of two children of commercial artist Thomas Chick (1903–1973) and his wife Pauline (1903–1991).[5][6][7] The family later moved to Alhambra where Chick was active in the high school drama club.[8] Chick's official biography notes that he was not religious in high school and was in fact avoided by Christian students, who believed "he was the last guy on earth who would ever accept Jesus Christ."[9]

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