Jan Peter Balkenende

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Jan Pieter "Jan Peter" Balkenende (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈjɑn ˈpetər ˈbɑɫkənɛndə]  ( listen)) (born 7 May 1956) is a Dutch politician of the party Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA).

He was the Prime Minister of the Netherlands from 22 July 2002 until 14 October 2010, having led four coalition governments, cabinets Balkenende I, II, III and IV, none of which served a full four-year term.

On 9 June 2010, Balkenende resigned his position as party leader of the CDA as well as his seat in the newly elected Netherlands parliament, taking political responsibility for the CDA's disappointing election results in the June 2010 Dutch general election.


Personal life

Jan Peter Balkenende, legally Jan Pieter Balkenende, was born in the village of Biezelinge near the town Kapelle in the Netherlands. His father, Jan Pieter Balkenende, was a cereal grains merchant and his mother, Thona Johanna Sandee, was a teacher.

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