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Television broadcasting in Japan started in 1939[1], making the country one of the first in the world with an experimental television service. In spite of that, because of the beginning of World War II in the Pacific region, this first experimentation lasted only a few months. Regular television broadcasts started only after the war, in 1951.

The transmission and display system used in Japan is a modified version of the North American NTSC standard, called NTSC-J, for analogue signals. For digital television, however, the Advanced ATSC standard was not adopted since the ISDB digital system was developed for Japanese television.

Japanese residents with at least one TV in the home are supposedly required (but in fact cannot be compelled) to pay an annual license fee used to fund NHK, the Japanese public service broadcaster. The fee varies from 14,910 to 28,080 JPY depending on the method and timing of payment and on whether one receives only terrestrial television or also satellite broadcasts.[2]


National networks

In Japan, there are six nationwide television networks, as follows:

In addition to networks above, commercial stations not affiliated with the above form a non-strict network called the Japanese Association of Independent Television Stations (JAITS). Apart from them, the Open University of Japan broadcasts to the whole Kanto region with programmes—mostly in-house productions.

Regional affiliates and other local channels


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